Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Janae's Closet Redo

As you can see this girl has too much stuff.
I wanted to help her be more organized so we 
moved her clothes into the guest room.

Found this desk at Treasure Mart

Painted it Antibes Green by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Gave the walls a fresh coat of crisp white. I think adding
the random dots gave it a whimsical feel.

Thanks to Dad for adding the shelves.
Here it is almost finished.  We need to bring 
everything back in and probably buy more
storage containers.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our New Bathroom

BEFORE:  Beige, Beige, Beige!!

AFTER: Blue, White with a touch of Black
Greg installed the board and batten.
Pam painted and caulked.
Greg put in new white outlets and switches.
Pam painted the vanity a charcoal black using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
She used dark wax to finish it.
New counter top, new sink and a new faucet.
All installed by Greg.
New black and white shower curtain.
More pics to follow.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laundry Room Redo

Laundry Room-Before, Eek!!

Water Heater,Water Softener-Gone!!

Getting rid of the 1970's Linoleum

New Ceramic Tile and Pretty Backsplash

Folding Table added, Ladder for Hang Ups
Glass canisters for soap and softener

Found the best laundry basket shelves at Lowes
The baskets came from Lowes, too.

More baskets for storage

Love my light fixture

All the credit goes to my wonderful hubby, Greg.  He re-plumbed the water heater and softener, moving them to the garage, then doing most of the plumbing work in our crawl space-eew!!
He also did most of the ceramic tile flooring and the back splash.  All for me.  :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I discovered this great smelling lotion in my bathroom closet. Have been using it for a week or more now. I should preface these statements by saying that I can't see small print very well these days (over "50" eyes). Anyway Haley informed me yesterday that wasn't lotion in that bottle but conditioner................

Running late for church this morning, ended up being only one at home. Had to get meal ready for fellowship lunch, find Janae's shoes, lay out Greg's clothes, tidy up house, get myself ready and finish up another meal for the 20 some people who were coming in the evening for the "Chat". As I was bringing the dog back in (we are doggie sitting for my Dad's dog, Willie) I noticed that Janae's gerbil was on the floor out of his cage!!! I texted Beth, Haley and Jacob about my "emergency" hoping at least one of them would hear their phone. Jacob came to the rescue and we were successful in getting Mr. Joey back in his cage. Late for church but gerbil is saved.

Great sermon today on "prayer". Should be on Sermon Audio.com sometime.

I really do want to pray more (in addition to the time during daily devotions) and have decided that in order to remember to take time out during my busy day I need to post reminder notes all over the house. How do you take time out for more prayer in your life?

Friday, June 5, 2009

One year later

A "true" blog writer doesn't wait over a year to post.

What can one say?

Bethany, Haley, Stacey, Jason and Jacob went to a Coldplay concert this evening at Verizon.  They were excited that even the opening band was a familiar one, Snow Patrol.

Janae and I are bathing suit shopping these days.  We have shopped 4-5 different stores and yet to find a suitable one (pun intended).  They are either too large, or too small, too inappropriate, an ugly color, or too much money.

I stopped to try on several dresses and Janae made me try on a floofy, fancy, dressy, black dress.  She said I was no fun if I didn't just try it on for fun.  To top it off she wanted me to twirl  around in it.  I did.  It was fun.

I signed up for the Hog Jog two mile.  I haven't been training.

Did you know that if you sing "e, i, e, i, o" through  with at least one animal as you brush your teeth  it covers the recommended time one should brush one's teeth?  I mean the song "Old McDonald" by the way.

Been up since 5:45  .......going to bed.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Horses-happy and sad

Today I took Addie and Moriah to where Skip and Nino board. The owner of the stables had called and asked them if they could ride the "boys" because they will be participating in "Learning for Life" this coming Wednesday. They have not been ridden since last summer.

The Fisher girls have been involved in "Learning for Life" for about 8 years now. It is a day at a fabulous park, a fun day for handicap kids. Theres all kinds of things to do, face painting, petting zoo, baseball, climbing wall and pony rides!!

It was great seeing Addie and Moriah ride, do showmanship and just enjoy horses.

It was great seeing Moriah whip Nino into shape, not taking any guff from him!! You see Nino has been a bad boy lately. He has kicked out at people, tried to bite and generally been quite cranky. Our theory is he is the type of horse that needs lots of hard work every day, and someone who will show him who is boss.

It was great to see Addie get Skip to canter without spurs-the lazy bugger.

Ah, having horses was so much fun and the girls learned so much from them.

I am somewhat sad that those days are over. It truly was an adventure in the utmost sense.

But all in all I am marveling in God's hand in our lives into the smallest details.
Details like:
-we sold the horses at the perfect time-with todays economy like it is who knows if we would have sold them at all.
-Hay and grain prices have tripled
-With gas prices-who could afford to go to the arena for practice or to horse show for that matter??
-Chrysler sales are way down and we don't have the overtime that helped to pay for extras like "horses"

God protected us, provides for us, sustains us.

We had a great experience and are so thankful for those moments.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking forward to Spring

I love the change of seasons! I love the variety of the weather. But Spring this year holds a little more excitement for me because of our move last fall. We have a new yard to decorate, some outside painting to do and some more unpacking to accomplish. When I say the word "we" I must admit that Greg in the "we" will be doing a lot more yard decorating than I will. (I have promised to help.)
I can't believe that I am looking forward to painting. The folks that owned the house before us were in a big hurry to move so they only painted the trim in the front of the house. There really isn't much to do, I will be painting the accent green color. When I get this "blog" stuff mastered I will post a picture to show what I am talking about.
After moving in last fall the weather of course turned too cold to go into the barn and garage to unpack anything.
The idea of getting rid of more "junk" or should it be called "treasures" is very appealing.
So there it is, my first blog post.